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From the public:

"Dear Conductor and Choir,
Yesterday evening I attended the St George service/liturgy in Manchester Cathedral. I just want to say I cannot recall listening to such a magnificent performance as your singing, and the playing, of that long piece while the St George cross was being made. It was simply wonderful. It was liquid gold. It was spell-binding. The quality of music playing and singing was incredible.
Tell all three instrumentalists, tell the conductor, tell every single member of the choir.
And where is there a recording of it that I can purchase?"

"I just wanted to say how absolutely wonderful it was to hear Acoustic Triangle last Saturday. I was completely overwhelmed with every aspect - the musicianship, the music, the sound - everything. Listening to such beautiful, unamplified music flowing in such an environment was incredibly moving. You may or may not have noticed that I was a little choked when I left! I tried to offer a few words to Gwilym (just how amazing is he?!) but I could hardly speak. We're really interested to hear the sound in a cathedral setting and are very much looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks again for a truly wonderful evening."
B. - Sevenoaks

"A wonderful sound, particularly the tenor, played so movingly, and not overlooking the contribution of Gwilym and Malcolm to a marvellous evening. An inspired idea to stage these concerts in Church buildings. Very refreshing to hear the instruments acoustically."
R. C.

"I really enjoyed the concert and am enjoying the CD. I like jazz with form and shape rather than the Baroque jazz of formless improvisation which is too often represented as jazz."
M. - Lancaster

"What a fantastic evening. Heard you for the first time and was completely bowled over. Wanted to buy all the three disks there and then but did not have any cash or a cheque book! (Now ordered through your website.) Left my details on one of your white slips."
J. S.

"Just a quick note to say thanks very much for a superb evening at St. Mary's, Stapleford last Friday. I know that Brian was absolutely knocked out by the musicianship and sound. It certainly exceeded all my expectations in a live setting - brilliant!"
N. - Hertfordshire

"Your music and programme, on the two occasions we have heard you, have been exceptional.
The Coldharbour concert - in its beautiful setting - inspired us. We were glad we had bought some CDs to listen to later.
The enthusiastic tension created by all members of Acoustic Triangle can only be appreciated at a live performance - through the music and also the interactive body language.
The composition is refreshing and all the musicians are masters. Your music has the energy of Art Blakey, the musicality of Art Tatum and the ability to combine classical music with jazz - rather like Phillip Glass.
We all know that apart from one or two, most jazz venues attract small numbers of people to hear top class musicians. However, the turnout at Coldharbour showed how isolated rural communities can be wowed by your sort of music and musicality, given the comments we heard.
These are precarious times for musical artists such as you. So we support your case for well-deserved funding to continue your ground-breaking and highly enjoyable music."
All our best wishes, A. and B. G.

From the promoters:

"Many thanks indeed to you, Gwilym and Tim for that fantastic concert. I had brilliant feedback from the audience; people were just thrilled."
Andrew Burn - Director, Chester Festivals

"Just a note to thank you and the trio for a fabulous gig, it was very well received and I'm still getting positive feedback."
John Holland - Lincoln Cathedral

"Thank you all for coming to Ely last Thursday, both for the immensely stimulating workshops - certainly the Senior School session I was fortunate to witness in the morning - followed by the inspirational lunchtime concert in the Cathedral. It was fascinating to observe your handling of, and reaction to, the bolder acoustics of that wonderful building. You have given us valuable food for thought and some uplifting music-making into the bargain: thank you all again."
Graham Griggs - Director of Music at the King's School, Ely.

"Thank you for giving us such a wonderful and memorable evening of music on Saturday at St Mary's Church. The response from the audience was more than favourable. These are some of the comments:

"Stunningly Brilliant" "Excellent show, great venue. Thanks a lot!"
"Cutting edge music from three outstanding musicians. A stunning performance."
"Lovely venue, superb music. Staff really friendly and nice. Can't wait to come again."
"Another enjoyable concert - may they long continue."
"As a long-standing member of Banbury Choral Society I found tonight's concert very interesting. The interpretations and professionalism were excellent."

"You must be very proud of your achievements - putting together a tour of this size needs a strong will and belief in what you are doing. Naturally it helps to have three virtuoso performers! You all seemed to enjoy playing together and this came across in the performance. Good luck with the rest of the tour; try to relax and enjoy the experience. You have nothing to prove; between the three of you, you will take audiences by storm and show them what you are made of! Thank you again for creating the highlight in this year's events at St. Mary's."
Michele Hunter - LiveArts at St. Mary's Church, Banbury

"Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed Acoustic Triangle last week, the music was beautiful and so at one with the setting. I also enjoyed what I heard of the workshop. You are a natural communicator and conveyed your ideas and aesthetic better than most (if that's not damning with faint praise!)"
Simon Purcell - Head of Jazz at Trinity College of Music

"You guys are BRILL!!! It was ace to hear you. I couldn't make it all due to admin difficulties in the Chapter Office, but I also enjoyed sitting in on part of your workshop with the Kings School."
Daphne - Ely Cathedral

Acoustic Triangle
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