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Special thanks to Mike Gould and his team.

The Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, is now a community arts centre for events, films, exhibitions, and other community activities. However, until 1989, it was a Convent chapel, (belonging to a French Roman Catholic order of nuns, the sisters of the Bon Sauveur (Good Saviour)), which became available following the demolition in 1988 of their Convent School; this was a castle-like structure which had dominated the skyline of Holyhead since the beginning of the century. The Convent had closed in 1982 and the chapel would have been pulled down too, but for the Ucheldre project.

Whilst the Centre has been beautifully extended in a manner in keeping with the original, its heart remains the chapel with its high fine arched roof, and imposing side aisles. The ethereal atmosphere of the hall always attracts special comment. The building was designed by Professor R M Butler of Dublin, a leading architect of his day, responsible for many public buildings in Ireland and elsewhere. He proposed several designs, the final choice being a modernised Romanesque style, with a tall square tower, making great use of green local stone. Although designed in 1934 and opened in 1937, its elegant, classical lines convey a much older impression. The work was carried out by a local firm from Caernarfon.

The floor of the apse, as well as the altar, was made of marble, and this has been retained, raised, and extended to form what must be one of the few marble stages in the country. The front steps were formerly around the sides of the altar, but they have been lifted, laid end-to-end, and repositioned, following the line where the altar rails once were. There was insufficient marble to cope with the new space, so areas have been filled in using Pantelicon marble from Greece. The bookend facings were specially selected and cut from a single block for the Centre.

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Acoustic Triangle Sacred Tour

Friday September 16th

Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: £8 (and concs.)
Phone: 01407 763361

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